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The Electric Bicycle Co (TEBCO) was incorporated in 1995 and imported the first ‘commercial shipment’ of electric bicycles to Australia in March 1999. Since that time, TEBCO has maintained its position as the No.1 manufacturer, importer, distributor and retailer of electric bicycles and tricycles in Australia.

Indeed since our first import shipment we have seen many entities attempt to duplicate what we do – most have gone out of business within months leaving literally thousands of dissatisfied customers with product that cannot be ‘backed-up’ or ‘serviced’.

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Indeed the major aspect of the operations of TEBCO that sets it apart from all other importers / distributors of electric bicycles is that TEBCO actually builds its own bicycles in China – that’s right we build all our bicycles from the ground up in two Chinese factories – one in Tianjin and the other in Nanjing, China.

We have our frames manufactured under license in some of China’s most reputable frame building factories, we select and source every mechanical and electrical component required to complete construction ourselves, and we have our bicycles and tricycles assembled under contract to OUR specifications.

The end result is a totally unique range of Electric Bicycles and Tricycles that are designed exclusively for the Australian market – when you buy an Electric Bicycle or Tricycle from TEBCO you know you are buying a product that has been designed and built for the application that you want to use it – not just some second rate product designed for the Chinese market and which our competitors source and offer for sale. All our Electric Bicycles and Tricycles are exclusively our own products – you cannot buy these products anywhere else in the world.



Tony Morgan

Managing Director


Graham Beeforth

Operations Manager


Nicko Smith

Senior Technician

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